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Boxing and HIIT at Eighty8

Boxing/HIIT – This boxing class offers you the chance to unwind from your daily stresses and trust us it’s brutally fun. You’ll be punching your way to a healthier and happier you in no time. When you put those gloves on its go time! We incorporate body-weighted exercises into punching combos to give you that extra kicker, that’s why you’re coming after all.



HIIT is all about that full body workout at maximum intensity designed to hit every major muscle group and burn as many calories as possible!! This isn’t your standard group power class though, so be prepared to push the limits using Kettle bells, battle ropes, tyres, bands and more!



Transformer, the name says it all. With a strong technique focus, isolated strength component and explosive 20minute circuit, we will use combinations of strength and power movements to help transform your body into the physique you’ve always desired.



FixME – Let’s not forget about your flexibility, mobility and stability to round off the training week and reward your body! Incorporating relaxed stretch movements, prehab and core posture exercises to help find that balance between fitness and a healthy lifestyle!! Just take some time to try it out because you deserve it.

Sprint Technique


Sprint Technique (Eighty8 Elite) –   Our Sprint Training program caters to all types of sports and is designed to help you increase your speed. Our program focuses on improving your sprint technique, speed strength/power and endurance, acceleration and Repetitive Speed.



Yoga – Thursday Yoga at Eighty8 Fitness is moderate Vinyasa Hatha practice. It is a 45 min balanced, following practice of yoga that focuses on the breath, strength, endurance and lengthening. The first half of the sequence is regular, spinal and joint warmup and vinyasa, so as to create a moving meditation in which practitioners can focus on their breath and connecting breath and movement together. The second half of the practice changes weekly with different focus, to lengthen, open and release tension in the body and the mind. It is a moderately paced class for all levels of fitness and mobility and will help you build core strength and awareness as well as increase flexibility and mobility. You will leave feeling refreshed and energised as well as being relaxed and focused, ready to finish the week and enjoy the weekend. Namaste.

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